Minor Medical Mishap

Soooo now starts my job search. Well, not really starts. I have written many emails and been looking online for months now, without much luck. This is definitely going to be journey!


Now, I must start a physical job search – driving to clinics, introducing myself, and leaving my resume. I spoke with the head of the USC PA school who told me that PA jobs aren’t posted in newspapers or online; they are generally by referral. Well, that doesn’t help me much, so looks like I have to do this on my own! This girl that graduated the year before me told me it took her close to a year to find a job in California. If it takes me that long, I am just going to start having babies and be a full-time mom!

Is this true even for the medical field? I hope not!

For the last hour or so, I have been looking on Google maps for “medical” locations in LA, somewhat close to where we live. And this is what I have found:
- 15 acupuncture clinics.
- 7 physical therapy clinics.
- 5 holistic clinics – massage, reflexology, spinal decompression, etc.
- 2 dental clinics.
- 2 vet clinics and 1 vet hospital.

Skin care, weight loss, chiropractic…where is the REAL medicine? You know, the most needed area of medicine - family practice!

Cool, here’s one: Westside’s Finest Collective. Sounds promising, right? Upon further research, the full title is: “Westside’s Finest Collective: Medical Marijuana Dispensary.” Hmmm...

Then…finally, the name of a doctor! Oh wait, he does tattoo removals...

Well, looks like I have quite a bit of searching to do!

Hopefully, I won't need this... ;-)

Well, regardless of what the future holds, I know everything will work out. God knows what He is doing :)


  1. Praying for your success, Mrs. Janke. :)

  2. Thank you, as always. I need all the prayers I can get right now :)