Vegas Vacation

James and I drove down to Vegas for the first time ever recently (again, barely getting to the pictures now!) to meet my mom and sister Lexi. She had a soccer tournament so we spent the weekend watching her rock! I miss being able to see her games, so it was great :)

Recent Tidbits

A little randomness...with a picture to start it off :)

Farewell to a Fabulous Friend

My friend Leanne and her boyfriend Patrick moved from LA to Alaska for a new job, so we had a going away double date. Bittersweet!

(This was a little while ago, but I am barely getting to the pictures now)

We went to an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ place which I can best pronounce as "Chi Gon Eh" ? Leanne, where are you when I need you to teach me Korean!?