Vegas Vacation

James and I drove down to Vegas for the first time ever recently (again, barely getting to the pictures now!) to meet my mom and sister Lexi. She had a soccer tournament so we spent the weekend watching her rock! I miss being able to see her games, so it was great :)

Recent Tidbits

A little randomness...with a picture to start it off :)

Farewell to a Fabulous Friend

My friend Leanne and her boyfriend Patrick moved from LA to Alaska for a new job, so we had a going away double date. Bittersweet!

(This was a little while ago, but I am barely getting to the pictures now)

We went to an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ place which I can best pronounce as "Chi Gon Eh" ? Leanne, where are you when I need you to teach me Korean!?


Memorial Day Is Named That For A Reason

This picture says it all.

Best Hike Ever

Wow, I'm really bad at updating the blog, and I think I'm getting worse! But to give myself (and James) some credit, we are working hard!

So what's new here in the big city? Well, I got a good full-time job in orthopedics and James is finishing up his spring quarter at UCLA. He also got a summer internship with a great architect in LA and he is really excited for it! Then one more year and he's done with his Masters in Architecture - so proud of him :)

Although there has been almost all work and no play lately, we have had a couple of excursions since my last post...and this was one of the greatest...


Visitor Picture Blog

In the past few months, we have had some wonderful family and friends come visit! I have failed miserably at posting some of the pictures from these visits, so I thought I would play some catch-up :)



ミツワマーケットプレイス (AKA Mitsuwa Marketplace)

We thought we would step out of our comfort zone and go to a real Japanese marketplace near our apartment last night...