Who woulda known?

James and I decided it might be nice to make the first move and introduce ourselves to our neighbors. Only 2 families answered when we went door-to-door. The first was a young couple from South Korea with an adorable 10-month old girl. The second door was answered by a woman and her 6'6" husband.



My new license number!

It's official :) You can even look up my name in the database at pac.ca.gov. You have to type in Jennifer Janke. Pretty cool! Now to apply for my DEA license so I can prescribe meds. Oh, and find a job ;)


Minor Medical Mishap

Soooo now starts my job search. Well, not really starts. I have written many emails and been looking online for months now, without much luck. This is definitely going to be journey!



Shops, Food, and...Dinosaurs?

The Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica is an outdoor plaza lined with shops and restaurants, with dinosaur-shaped fountains in the center. It goes on for quite awhile, and as you stroll along eating an ice cream cone, you can stop and listen to various musicians playing in the street.


Maya Workshop

I just completed a 2 week course in Maya. It's a high-power, cutting-edge, 3D modeling program used by every design discipline, including film. Here are a couple things I came up with using the techniques I learned:


First Week in LA!

Hello everyone!

I, Jenny Janke, have now officially been in LA one week, but it feels like much longer already. There is a lot to do here, and a lot to get used to. My first impression of LA was busy, but exciting – and actually quite beautiful. Like James mentioned, we live in a great area, and the more we explore, the more we realize how nice it is. We have tons of stores, banks, churches, restaurants, and the beach all within easy driving (and some within walking) distance.


"We're there!"

To quote Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber, "We're there!" Actually Jenny isn't here yet. I'm going to have to go lone wolf for a few more days. But I'm here!