Who woulda known?

James and I decided it might be nice to make the first move and introduce ourselves to our neighbors. Only 2 families answered when we went door-to-door. The first was a young couple from South Korea with an adorable 10-month old girl. The second door was answered by a woman and her 6'6" husband.

We soon learned that he is Kobe Bryant's body double and friend! Check out this article:http://www.santabarbarabasketball.com/breakers-sign-versatile-guard.html. It's an old article - now he has 3 beautiful daughters, not 2 like the article says. It was just refreshing to meet an athlete who was cooking dinner for his family, and just a really nice and friendly guy. If they weren't moving out of the complex soon, they seem like a great couple to get to know. Did I mention their adorable kids? :)

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