Bittersweet Christmas

The good news...we had a wonderful time in New Mexico seeing our family over Christmas! We have missed everyone so much since we moved to LA, so we got our "fix." Plus, as a bonus, we ate green chile again :) It's amazing how small NM seems after being in California for a few months - and how cold! It was nice to have a white Christmas, and to bundle up in front of the fire with hot chocolate. Leaving was rough, but I know we will get some visitors at some point, hint hint ;) We love you all very much.

The sad news...it is just over 1 month since we lost our baby Michael. He left us when he was only six and a half weeks old...less than a week before Christmas. Although we never had a chance to hold him, that did not change how much we loved him already. Time has made it a little easier, but there is still a hole in my heart.

My dear Michael,

You are no longer with us here on earth. I miss you very much, and I long to see you. Still, my heart tells me you are now with Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and all the angels and saints.

It is hard for me to understand why you were taken from my arms, but you can never be taken from my heart. I love you and I will love you forever, until the end of time.

I find a certain peace in knowing I had a part in bringing you the joy of Heaven. I also find strength in my hope to be someday reunited with you, never to be parted again.

Please pray for me, my dear child, that I may be faithful to my duties here below and thereby come to hold you again in my arms in Heaven.

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  1. Lovely words, Jenny. Thanks be to God that Michael could have such loving and wonderful parents even for the time that he did, and God strengthen you and James.