Best Hike Ever

Wow, I'm really bad at updating the blog, and I think I'm getting worse! But to give myself (and James) some credit, we are working hard!

So what's new here in the big city? Well, I got a good full-time job in orthopedics and James is finishing up his spring quarter at UCLA. He also got a summer internship with a great architect in LA and he is really excited for it! Then one more year and he's done with his Masters in Architecture - so proud of him :)

Although there has been almost all work and no play lately, we have had a couple of excursions since my last post...and this was one of the greatest...

We went on this AMAZING hike to Escondido Canyon & Falls in Malibu with a group of James' classmates, which was a blast! Not to mention absolutely gorgeous. I should have refused to post pictures and instead said that you will just have to come to LA to see for yourself, but I'm nice ;)
The coolest thing about the hike was the variety of scenery - from winding flat trails, to small streams, to forest-like foliage, to huge waterfalls, to canyon rock climbing, etc.

Our journey begins...(me, Yuna, David, Dan, and Marta, with James the caboose taking the picture)

Entering the foliage...

Our first waterfall (just an appetizer ;)

And another...

 And then a few bigger ones...

Finally came the main attraction!

...majestic and soothing at the same time...I laid down on a rock below it and looked up, could have stayed like that forever...

 Rainbow in the water

Our friend Sal we found along the way...but then he ran and hid

Just celestial

View from the top

The rock climbing part of the hike - challenging but we made it! Going down was the hardest, we pretty much just scooted :)

We had to be careful to not run into the barbed wire on the way down! (the photo came out pretty cool - looks like an Instagram photo, but it's not)

The pit! At one part in the hike, we had to wedge ourselves between these two rocks and shimmy up (then down on the way back).

We had to use that rope Dan is holding to rapel down

 On the way back, stopping to take it all in

Our tired gang after the hike, waiting to get some seafood dinner (left is Dan and his wife Marta; right is James, Yuna, and David)

CAN'T WAIT to do it again!

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