Bits & Pieces...Round 2

See, told you it wasn't over yet.

5. Rain Water Galore

After last week's rainstorm, I had to either brave the waterfall that blocked the way to the 3rd floor where my car sat parked...or take the elevator. Which did I choose? I wimped out.

Ok, it really doesn't look as bad as it was! Just watch the video...

6. Hummingbird Flowers

Well that is what I call them at least. They are so pretty and surround our complex. If anyone knows their real name...don't tell me. Because I want to keep calling them hummingbird flowers ;)

7. Murder Mystery Dinner

We attended our first one of these a few weeks ago, which turned out to be pretty good, but overall not worth the money. Luckily we got it for half-price as a Groupon - ha! The plot was good, but the food wasn't great, and it wasn't as well-organized as we were hoping. But, hey, you never know until you try. Sorry the pics are blurry - it was hard to get the camera to focus.

The end.


  1. Fyi, your personal videos always display "This video is private" when I try to play them. :/

    In absence of the corroborating evidence, I'm going to have to assume you were thwarted by a light and inconsequential sprinkling.

    (No comment on if this makes you seem a very silly person.)

  2. Try the videos now. They should work :)