Bits & Pieces

Amidst the chaos of life, there have been little things here and there that have slipped between the cracks...

It's time to fill in some of those cracks, since it's the little things that count...

1. Going to a Concert in Hollywood

Our first LA concert took place about 1 month ago at a venue called The Music Box. The band was called The Naked and Famous (a New Zealand band growing in popularity in the US) and it turned out...well...pretty awesome.
We could see the Hollywood sign from where we parked...fancy schmancy

Inside The Music Box...cool lighting on the guy with the hoodie...and no, I did not edit this picture ;)

The lead singer, Alisa

I have to admit, James liked them much more than I did at first, but they grew on me :) Just to give you an idea of some of their songs...

Song: Punching in a Dream
(very surreal and weird dream video)

Song: Punching in a Dream
(just to give an idea of what they are like live; this wasn't the show we went to though)

 Song: Young Blood
(this is their most famous song, played on the radio in Cali; about just living life to the fullest)

Song: Serenade
(a fun and silly video)

2. Fires in LA

It's not everyday you drive down the freeway and see a fire on the side of the road. I never found out what it was from, but I've been told this happens a lot. Very interesting...

3. Santa Monica Beauty

What I get to see from my office window at work in Santa Monica. Ahhh, I could just stare outside forever. I wish I would have taken a picture of one of our fog days - it looked like we were in an airplane flying through clouds. 

Palm trees on the horizon

4. Paparazzi Outside My Office

Working in Beverly Hills for my other job has it's unique moments. For one, the parking is crazy. I park on the roof of a 4-story structure, and this is just a glimpse of the craziness...
View from my car window

That guy is one of many paparazzi that stand outside the door waiting
The entrance to my building where oh so many stars have walked through
To be continued...

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