Quick Life Update

Why oh why am I still up? Well, mostly because I like nights more than mornings, and this new time change is killin' me. I am not a farmer, so I don't care that it is bright outside at 6AM. In fact, I prefer it not wake me up :)

ANYways, James has been busy with studio...is that surprising? ;) He just had his mid-term review, and has 3 weeks to finish his project before the end of the quarter, taking into account the critique he received at his review. Crunch time!

And me? Well, I am about to start my second job next Tuesday. While I am looking forward to it, I'm not super excited about traveling between the two jobs...or more work. But it will keep me active and learning, so I am trying to head into it with a smile :) I'm beginning to realize how much my patients need someone who cares about them, and that is what makes me walk into the office each day, ready to kick some disease-butt!

See, this is why we haven't been updating the blog much - there just isn't a whole lot of new things going on. I will have to come up with more creative things to post/talk about ;)

Until then, God bless! And please continue to pray for us!


  1. Thanks for posting because anything is exciting in California. From, you know who

  2. You-know-who, you're so silly :)