Veteran's Day...11-11-11

This is the only double-figure palindromic date, since there is not 22nd month and so on. What a cool way to honor the bravery of our veterans (love you, Grandpa!)!

Interesting fact: the last time this date occurred (on Nov. 11, 1911), a weird natural event took place. Temperatures dropped by more than 60F in a single day! This was the Great Blue Norther, a cold wave that hit the U.S. causing blizzards, tornadoes, and record falls in temperature. For ex, Kansas City was 76F in the afternoon, but dropped to 11F by the end of the day. This is the only day in many cities' histories where the record highs and lows were broken on the same day! Preeetty crazy...

So what was the weather like here in LA? And what did we do?

Well, we took a little stroll to the beach in close to 75-degree weather with the sun peeking in and out of the clouds. It was beautiful weather, and even I wasn't cold (pretty shocking, I know).


There was a guy walking along the shore with a metal detector and a shovel. I wonder if he ever found the treasure he was searching for :)

The water made this awesome pattern in the sand. The video below has better details...

Our last videos before we had to bid ado to the ocean...and yes, James meant 2011, not 2012 :)

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