Farewell to a Fabulous Friend

My friend Leanne and her boyfriend Patrick moved from LA to Alaska for a new job, so we had a going away double date. Bittersweet!

(This was a little while ago, but I am barely getting to the pictures now)

We went to an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ place which I can best pronounce as "Chi Gon Eh" ? Leanne, where are you when I need you to teach me Korean!?
Korean BBQ is really popular in LA. The restaurants are all pretty similar, but some are better than others. It's best to go to one in Koreatown, which we did.

So for those of you who aren't familiar with Korean BBQ, you select which meats you want for your table and they bring you a platter of raw meats. There is a small grill in the middle of the table, and using tongs and scissors, you cut the meat into pieces, and cook it on the grill yourself. They also bring you sauces, kimchi, and miso soup as sides.

Cooking dinner...

 Leanne (our chef), Patrick, and James...

The boys were brave and ordered, yes, intestines. I stuck to the normal brisket-looking meat :)

Later that night, we went for dessert and took their dog, Mason. Before going out, he of course had to put his shoes on. Cutest thing ever watching him trot down the street. We got lots of stares and smiles :)

His other pair of shoes (you know, for when he goes out to the club) :)

What a great night.We will miss them but now that just means we need to go to Alaska!

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