Recent Tidbits

A little randomness...with a picture to start it off :)

1. Solar eclipse LA-style (with clouds and fog) from the top of our apartment complex.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


And I watched the whole thing through a cookie wrapper! You can see right through it if you hold the Mylar (shiny side) up to the sun. Cheap and innovative :)

2. Quite possibly the best fortune I have ever had...but can I sue the fortune cookie company when this doesn't come true? ;)

3. Our freezer created this ice mold...

4. A few recent pics of my great family - my beautiful sister Lexi and my handsome brothers Zack and Nick...

5. Recent trip to my good friend Kelli's graduation from law school. So proud of her! And she did it all at the same time as being a great mom :)

Celebrating at Olo afterwards...yum!

Just to give you an idea of how much sweet Elizabeth has grown... 

And I HAD to throw this one in - too cute :)

6. Introducing...parking for the lazy person :) It tells you exactly what spots are open! Green means open and red means taken. There is also a digital sign that says exactly how many spots are left on every level. Pretttttty nifty. That plus free 3-hour parking makes this a favorite place to park in LA :) 

7. Venice Beach - an experience everyone should have at least once ;) You can people-watch forever!


  1. That Zack dude is really handsome!!!!!! :)

  2. I know, right!? He is going to have to watch out for the all girls that will be after him ;)