Vegas Vacation

James and I drove down to Vegas for the first time ever recently (again, barely getting to the pictures now!) to meet my mom and sister Lexi. She had a soccer tournament so we spent the weekend watching her rock! I miss being able to see her games, so it was great :)

The drive up there was pretty cool. The clouds were so low that for awhile we had a hard time distinguishing them from smoke. Very cool.

We went out Saturday night to see a show and finally got to see what all the hype was about. It's definitely a site to see, but not quite our type of city :) Even so, the show was great! We saw the Beatles tribute show called "Love" and it was awesome - definitely worth it!

From a distance...

Waiting for the show to start - very exciting!

The next day, between her soccer games, we went out to the M&M store. I had no idea they had so many colors of M&Ms, much less 4 floors of M&M stuff!

Me, Lex (middle), and her friend Jackie

Some daytime pics of Vegas

So not quite the "Vegas Vacation" that most people would think of, but we enjoyed it just the same :)

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