Plenty to Be Thankful For

Knowing this would be our first Thanksgiving away from family, I was a little sad when it rolled around. But overall, it turned out very nice :) We have so much to be thankful for this year and whatever difficulties have come our way, they do not detract from how blessed we truly are!

We spent Thanksgiving night with some of James' friends from studio and had a delicious (and very diverse) potluck meal. My wonderful family overnighted us some green chile with which we made some yummy corn. I forgot how fabulous the smell of green chile is when you walk in the door. I think we needed some New Mexican flavor in our lives :)

We were an interesting group from lots of interesting places including New Mexico, Ethiopa, Minnesota, Japan, Colorado, Korea, and Romania. It made for a fun night :)

And after that, I was too busy eating to take any more pictures....mmmm :) The end.

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